The Band

The first time a musical act named “Distant Brothers” took the stage was at a local open mic night at Logan Square’s Gallery Cabaret in 2011.

Dan Beirne (vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukelele) and Ryan Burns (vocals, banjo, mandolin, guitar, keyboard) played a few times together in the local open mic scene before deciding they needed a name. So, with a tip of the hat to their shared ancestry and similar last names, Burns and Beirne wrote Distant Brothers into existence.  

It was not long before a thirst for more harmony and rhythm accompaniment welcomed Tommy Grevlos (vocals, drums, keyboard) into the band, making the family grow from two to three brothers. 


Some months later, the final brother joined the band, as Matt Cefalu (vocals, guitar, bass) brought to the table his knowledge of the Chicago music scene, and his many years of experience in another Chicago band, Buckman Page. After the first rehearsal with all four members assembled, it was clear that group of four distinct voices was a match meant to be.

One six-song EP, two separate singles, a full length album (Upon Our Arrival, 2016), and many Chicago shows later, the band finds itself continuing to evolve musically and philosophically, while always upholding their core value of bringing people together with their music.

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